• Jonathan


    Jonathan posted on Arrow

    Soooooooo he want to be iorn man now

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    • Jonathan

      in got beat should have had more practice

    • Colin

      I'm wondering when they'll change his abilities into the Atom

  • Beamly


    Beamly posted on Pretty Little Liars

    We announce our two 'Beamly's Got 'A' Secret' contest winners at 2pm EST for most popular theory and most accurate!

  • Angie Chaffin

    Angie Chaffin

    Angie Chaffin posted on Arrow

    Well isn't he just a ray of sunshine.

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  • melanie


    melanie posted on Pretty Little Liars

    did anyone else notice that the car that jenna drove had the license plate CHD.. Maybe his initials ? Charles DiLaurentis

  • Elizabeth Craig

    Elizabeth Craig

    Elizabeth Craig posted on Pretty Little Liars

    I saw this on Twitter and think this is so true!!!! Best theory yet!!!!

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    • Megan Elliott

      I did read somewhere that more would be revealed about a missing girl. I just can't even keep track anymore so I can't remember if she was the one they said was in Ali's grave.

    • Adena Siefert

      Megan Elliott Haha I know what you mean! They have thrown so much information at us (without much closure in many cases), it's hard to remember it all! But yes, Bethany is who they said was in Ali's grave. :)

  • GemmaxBear


    GemmaxBear posted on Pretty Little Liars

    That was the worst finale in the history of the world.

  • snappy scrapper

    snappy scrapper

    snappy scrapper posted on Pretty Little Liars

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I felt this episode was drawn out with no real payoff in the end.

  • Simone


    Simone posted on Pretty Little Liars

    I dont understand why the girls did not take his mask off and pin him down instead of shutting the power off

    • KonfusingKeera19

      Cause they know its Charles D. Jasons Twin. Okay, i believe only spencer knows the twin part, but then again, she might not know, since she was a baby in the video he played...

  • Sukiyakihawt


    Sukiyakihawt posted on The Flash

    Iris is getting on my last nerve with her confused ass!!! When is Dr.Wells gonna die?