• BigTimeSoCalFan


    BigTimeSoCalFan posted on The Walking Dead

    That is how you end a season finale. From now on, That's How You End A Season Finale!

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  • CturnOnTV (Char)

    CturnOnTV (Char)

    CturnOnTV (Char) posted on The Walking Dead

    Whew, no deaths! they really had us going with all the death rumors. #TheWalkingDead

  • Alleycatfish


    Alleycatfish posted on The Walking Dead

    Well that was one intense season finale.

    See you guys in October!

  • Ben Liebman

    Ben Liebman

    Ben Liebman EDITOR posted on The Walking Dead

    Still trying to wrap my head around that amazing episode. BRING ON THE WOLVES in Season 6!

  • SandySandy


    SandySandy posted on The Walking Dead

    Well if that isn't the biggest bunch of comeuppance I've ever seen. THIS FINALE WAS PERFECT!

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on Once Upon a Time

    ``There's something about this author. He wasn't the ONLY one. There have been many others throughout time. It's a JOB, not a person.'' -- August

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    • Kat

      Oh My! I really need to catch up to this season.

    • C Spottswood

      Vanity thy name is author to write such dribble to excuse the mess the show has made of many a character and tale. The question should be how did August know of the page's significance and for those who say Dragon the question persists as to where he learned of the book the page, the Author and the Sorcerer. There is much work left to be done to make this tale logical.

  • Dacaria


    Dacaria posted on Once Upon a Time

    Now we know how Cruella & Ursulla ended up in our world.

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  • Amie Stuart

    Amie Stuart

    Amie Stuart posted on The Walking Dead

    Omg I'm exhausted after that finale. So glad no one major died!! Adios #porchdick

  • kristiV


    kristiV posted on The Walking Dead

    What an episode!! It was so exciting!! Now its Morgan's turn to help Rick find his way back from crazy town. Nicholas didn't deserve saving. I guess i was intrigued by Rick, & Sasha losing their minds i didnt notice Carol is a little crazy too!! Lol love it!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!