• Jacquelin Smith

    Jacquelin Smith

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  • Megan Crandell

    Megan Crandell

    Megan Crandell BEAMSTAR posted on Pretty Little Liars

    "Radley doesn't put out a yearbook." I kinda wish they did though...hahaha!

  • Casandly


    Casandly posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Noo noo don't start saying that A is a girl😤 cause it was supposed to be "charles" and a guy.. Omggg dont change it again

  • GemmaxBear


    GemmaxBear posted on Pretty Little Liars

    "Fish it out?! I don't wanna see what it's connected to!" Hanna is the best. 💛

  • DaLeshia


    DaLeshia NIGHTS WATCH posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Am I the only one who almost pissed their pants?

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    • Simone

      I thought it was a real person...... But they should have known sometgung was up because if that building has been closed so a long time tgat water would have evaporated

    • Adriana

      No the whole episode was terrifying.

  • DaLeshia


    DaLeshia NIGHTS WATCH posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Either that room is real or that girl is or both.

  • Hannah


    Hannah posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Mona knows something

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    • Adriana

      Mona knows everything and hates to share it.

    • Becca Laitala

      That Lesli is the true A and she's a pawn. She was the first one to take the wrap when she messed up the first time. Then Ezra's oops. And now Sara. Lesli is upset about Charles and Bethany's "deaths"

  • cheryl_pickard


    cheryl_pickard posted on America's Got Talent

    Heavenly is a very talented little girl. And she is so darn cute!!

  • Chad Stainback

    Chad Stainback

    Chad Stainback posted on The Bachelorette

    So Ben Z went hm

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    • cheryl_pickard

      Yes she sent Chris home too.

    • bunny

      Chad Stainback, cheryl_pickard, I was very surprised also! However, when Kaitlyn talked about Ben Z, she always referred to him as a big teddy bear and very sweet. It didn't seem like she had the hot's for him unless I missed something! Of course she made out with him, though! No wonder why these guys are blind sided! She has smooched every single one!