• John Burwell

    John Burwell

    John Burwell BEAMSTAR posted on The Flash

    Watching Encore Season 1 From the Beginning with the Pilot Now on The CW Tues..

  • Saketa Mack (Ketabug)

    Saketa Mack (Ketabug)

  • Cori P

    Cori P

    Cori P posted on black-ish

    Love this show

  • Roxanne


    Roxanne posted on Pretty Little Liars

    So I have been thinking ... Maybe Ali really was Kidnapped and was Trapped in the dollhouse as well and she knows that is where the girls are ... And I also think in the new promo with Ali giving the interview ...I believe she was giving Ezra and Caleb a hint when she said The girls are my rock,if it wasn't for them i would be lost in the woods totally alone ...What do you guys think ?!

  • Damion J. Rowan

    Damion J. Rowan

    Damion J. Rowan posted on Modern Family

    Season Finale! We all saw the cliffhanger from a mile away but....LOVED ROBOPHIL!!! #ModernFamily

  • Alice


    Alice posted on The Flash


  • Groosalugg


    Groosalugg posted on The Flash

    Wow, great (and illogical) finale and what a tearjerker 😭

  • Groosalugg


    Groosalugg posted on Arrow

    Omg, Felicity was so great!! Flying this thing for the first time as if it was nothing 🙌

  • Pomm25


    Pomm25 posted on The Flash

    DvR, Gonna watch all over again