• George Junior

    George Junior

    George Junior posted on House of Cards

    Season 3,Ep.10!

  • Stephanie


    Stephanie posted on Scandal

    Just finished watching Thursday's episode and I must say," I didn't see that coming." Fine, Brian White the villain/hit man stabbed Jake! OMG!!! I really didn't see hat coming. I'll tell you this, try killing Huck; I wanna see Pope Daddy try killing crazy Huck. That will be some good, exciting TV!!

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  • Michael Hanson

    Michael Hanson

  • Elizabeth hamlet tytka

    Elizabeth hamlet tytka

    Elizabeth hamlet tytka posted on Scandal

    Jakes not dead. That would be to predictable. The previews are always misleading.

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  • u2ugly2nv


    u2ugly2nv posted on Scandal

    Damn You Shonda!!!!!! Not my Jake!!!!!!

    Noooooooooooooooooo. I can't live...

    but seriously.. why Jake. He was one of the best part of the show... I'm sad now..

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  • Gina


    Gina posted on Scandal

    Russell!?!?! Jake!!! Papa Pope!!

  • Lyndsey


    Lyndsey posted on Scandal

    Wow! I thought Jake would be the last one standing! Russell?

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    • a.reyesaraujo

      Ya, that's true, but It had to of been someone good to fill his shoes W/O to much of an adjustment .

    • Lyndsey

      I like your theory JeanEats. Thursday can't get hear soon enough, I need to know what really happened to Jake. 😢

  • 106_harlem


    106_harlem posted on Scandal

    I think Olivia fakes her orgasms.

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  • CturnOnTV (Char)

    CturnOnTV (Char)

    CturnOnTV (Char) posted on Scandal

    Lawd, #PapaPope used #AgentSexualChocolate to kill Jake. Whatever you do just please don't kill #Huck.

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