• Jacquelin Smith

    Jacquelin Smith

    Jacquelin Smith posted on The Voice

    The Finale starts at 9 pm. This is a recap

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  • stormwalker4


    stormwalker4 posted on The Flash

    Sorry but I hope that thing with Eddie sticks. But it probably won't. And as gas as cliffhangers go, this one was predictable because you know it's coming back for season 2 so no real surprise. That's not a bad thing either. I also thought that Barry would somehow talk to Barry. I'm being vague so as not to reveal too much to those not yet able to watch. But those who have, know what I mean.

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    • Amie Stuart

      I totally agree about less interesting and dramatic!! I wasn't fond of Eddie but i bawled--probably from shock. The kicker with me is, if you can shock me (and it makes sense) or if I can't figure out what's going to happen (I usually can and this is why my son hates watching TV with me LOL). I didn't see it coming but it made sense.

    • stormwalker4

      I didn't think he would do it either Amie Stuart. I thought he would threaten him with it. But I knew Eobard's version of events was told only to sit his own purpose so Eddie was important. To bring him back weakens the storytelling to me.

  • stormwalker4


    stormwalker4 posted on The Flash

    The Flash S1:E23 Fast Enough

    • David Allen

      A great finale but I have some questions - If Eobard did not exist - how is there a Star Labs? Is Tom Cavanaugh coming back as the real Dr. Wells (since he was killed by the non non-existent Eobard?

    • stormwalker4

      David Allen He will return based on the previews. But also the real Dr. Wells did exist and was building STAR Labs. Eobard just stole his body and his work. But I also have a feeling that with Barry going into the singularity May have an effect on the timeline as well.

  • cheryl_pickard


    cheryl_pickard posted on The Voice

    And Sawyer wins!! I am so happy for him.

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  • BigTimeSoCalFan


    BigTimeSoCalFan posted on The Voice

    John Foggerty and Sawyer was awesome.

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    • vizionheiry

      Johns voice waa simply amazing. Absolutely ni degradation with age. He must keep an absolute clean bill of health. It was almost uncanny how much power and clarity he still has to his tone.

    • BigTimeSoCalFan

      He sounds exactly the same as he did, say 20 or 30 years ago. It was great to see & hear.

  • Anita McGurk

    Anita McGurk

    Anita McGurk posted on The Voice

    Watching "Live Finale, Part 2"

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  • Deanka


    Deanka posted on The Flash

    I am just screaming at my tv right now! That's the end?! NO! #theflash @CW_TheFlash

  • rumple


    rumple posted on The Flash

    Golden Age Flash helmet. Awesome!

  • Charles Kimball II

    Charles Kimball II

    Charles Kimball II posted on The Flash

    Future Barry told him not to do it. It's like he knew he was coming.

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