• JerseyShoreXrayTech


    JerseyShoreXrayTech posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    Omfg!!! Holy sh*+!!! Whose mouth hit the floor

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    • Lynx

      Same here 😣

    • Jill Pearson

      Was not surprised in the least. As soon as Annalise said she (Rebecca) was gone and it was reveled Frank had killed Lila (I'd figured that out too, BTW), I knew immediately what the next scene would be.

  • LaDonna McCrimon

    LaDonna McCrimon

    LaDonna McCrimon posted on How to Get Away With Murder


  • Trinity Jones

    Trinity Jones

    Trinity Jones posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    Ooooooo Annalise and frank are something else

  • Jill A Coolik

    Jill A Coolik

    Jill A Coolik posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    Great set up for Season 2. ABC actually filmed 3 different endings. They made a good choice. Rewinding now to rewatch. My stomach is in knots but I think I still deserve a cookie.

  • Shenia Love Leverett

    Shenia Love Leverett

    Shenia Love Leverett posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    OMFG!!! That was good as hell & I wonder who Annalise killed???!!! Now that was a finale & I can't wait for the fall!!!

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  • Deanka


    Deanka posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    Rebecca's dead. Who the he'll killed her?!?! Dammit I need a drink! @HowToGetAwayABC #HTGAWM

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  • Danielle Hightower

    Danielle Hightower

    Danielle Hightower posted on Pretty Little Liars

    My Big A Theory is that Hanna is A. I first began to suspect Hanna as playing a role in the A team when Ezra revealed in his book that he thought one of the liars tried to kill Alison. This got me thinking, who had the most cause to try and get rid of Ali? Obviously, Aria had the fact that Ali was blackmailing her father, only she didn't know that until after Ali had already disappeared, so she doesn't have reason to hate Alison. Emily has the heartache that Ali caused her through her rejection, and while that definitely hurt Emily, it is made apparent in several episodes that Emily loves Alison. I highly doubt that Emily would be able to hurt Ali even if she might have wanted to at some point. Spencer has a lot of reasons to hate Alison. They seemed to have never gotten along in the flashbacks. However, Spencer is the most obvious candidate for A considering how smart and resourceful she is, which is why I’ve crossed her off my list of suspects. Obviously Big A can’t be the most suspected character, right? Which leaves us with Hanna. Hanna has plenty of reason to hate Ali. Not only did she always resent Ali for getting all the guys, she also had to live through years of Alison and her other three ‘friends’ referring to her as “Hefty Hanna” which is enough to make anyone go crazy.
    Other than the fact that Hanna has strong reasons to despise Ali, there’s also the Mona of it all. Mona was the very first A, and who was Mona’s best friend? Hanna. I’m not saying that Mona and Hanna ever worked together as part of the A team (because let’s face it, Mona’s face when she finally saw the real A was a face of complete shock), but Hanna could’ve picked up a few pointers from her ex-bff.
    In the more recent episodes, we’ve seen all of the girls struggling to get themselves into college. The only character who didn’t seem to have any trouble getting into places whatsoever was, you guessed it, Hanna. For the past four seasons, she’s always been seen as the dumb blonde, but now suddenly the dumb blonde is getting into more colleges than Spencer Hastings? Hanna is obviously much more intelligent than anyone ever knew or gave her credit for.
    My final clue as to why I think Hanna is Big A, is that in the episode where Hanna and Caleb go back to the storage room to get rid of the barrel, Hanna seems to know exactly what to buy in order to get in and out without leaving a trace. Her extensive knowledge even shocks Caleb. Also, in that same episode, when Spencer finds the video of Hanna and Caleb in the kitchen, it looks like it was shot from right where Hanna’s laptop was sitting. Coincidence? I think not.
    Hanna Marin is Big A.

  • Beamly


    Beamly posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Don't forget to tag Beamly in your Pretty Little Liars theories!

  • Cali Redd

    Cali Redd

    Cali Redd posted on How to Get Away With Murder

    See y'all in the fall ✌