• GemmaxBear


    GemmaxBear posted on Scandal

    Black or white, we all know that if you're going to reach into your pocket for something that is NOT a gun, you announce what it is you're reaching for...

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    • Stephanie

      I agree SoBrainy36. Hats off to Shonda Rhimes for the courage to tackle this topic. I have so much MORE respect for her now. I wish Michael Brown could have received the same Justice!!

    • SoBrainy36

      I agree JG ! I wondered about the whole shoot to kill thing myself. Seems totally uncalled for. Shooting someone in the foot or arm should be just as effective, I'd think.

  • Deanka


    Deanka posted on Scandal

    U can't see me but I'm clapping for @shondarhimes right now. The cop rant was ON POINT. @ScandalABC

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    • JG

      Why shoot to kill ? Cop here shot the guy multiply times ! One would've done it & maybe he would've lived & we wouldn't have this mess for months now ! Guy took cops baton & was hitting him w him ! He should've been able to disarm the guy ! He shot him . Sad

    • JG

      And why was the cop alone ?

  • Nicole


    Nicole posted on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Watching the #RHOA reunion from a cpl years ago where NeNe & Phaedra were far from friends. Funny how much things have changed. #realhousewivesofatlanta

  • Candice Frazier

    Candice Frazier

    Candice Frazier posted on Empire

    I can't with this show... ..this show need to win every award ever invented I love this show so much... I feel like I'm betraying scandal

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  • Aly R

    Aly R

    Aly R posted on Empire

    I'm so tired of my community shunning individuals with mental issues. Life can be traumatic. Nobody is perfect and never will be. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting help.

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  • Aly R

    Aly R

    Aly R posted on Empire

    I wish Lucious would stop perpetuating stigma on his children. That's his legacy and he needs to learn to embrace them as they are.

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  • Anthony Ward

    Anthony Ward

    Anthony Ward posted on Empire

    Jennifer Hudson stay getting played out! Of all brothers they give her the crazy one.

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  • Lala Antoine

    Lala Antoine

    Lala Antoine posted on The Walking Dead

    OMGosh is the group turning into the bad guys?.?.

  • Zoe Corkern

    Zoe Corkern

    Zoe Corkern posted on Pretty Little Liars

    Beamly I have a new A Theory

    After thinking about it, there's another person I could consider. Aria Montgomery

    Reason 1.) Aria obviously got the "Shhhhhh" part in the opening Theme song for a reason, because she's the one with the secret.

    Reason 2.) Don't forget the amounts of phones Aria has gone through during the Show. The other girls go through 1 phone, and Aria literally has a new one every season, episode even.

    Reason 3.) Alot of the A Messages were written on a Typewriter, which Ezra has, and Aria has access to. I. Marlene King, a while back changed her Twitter Icon to a picture of a Typewriter, indicating it is a big importance clue.

    Reason 4.) PLL, is all about dolls, and Aria is always seen, and or connected with dolls. Aria also has alot of Russian Dolls, which are dolls within each other. Referencing to Aria's Multi-Personality Disorder, that her dad's brother had, and could have passed on to Aria and Mike.

    Reason 5.) In 1x18, Aria is seen masking the floor for their rehearsals with Masking Tape, you then on later in the episode see -A feeding, the rats, who's cages are marked with Masking Tape...Suspicious.

    Reason 6.) The Way Aria marks her A's, resemble "A"

    Reason 7.) When "A" told Hanna to eat all those cupcakes with the Pigs on them. It's quite strange because, Aria has a stuffed Pig in her room "Pigtunia" that shows up quite a bit. Aria loves that pig. Same goes with the pig in Wilden's trunk.

    Reason 8.) I. Marlene King once gave a clue to a fan who wanted to know who "A" was, and used the hashtag #BigA. You then see in an episode where Aria is walking down the hall, and Mona calls out to her "Hey Big A, wait up!"

    Reason 9.) There was an Episode where Aria showed off a Magazine. And a few Episodes later, the exact Magazine is on "A's" Desk.

    Reason 10.) Aria is known for being the best liar among the group.

    Reason 11.) When it comes to Aria, "A" becomes helpful and helps her out. She has cheated on Ezra twice, once with Jason, and once with Wren, and was NEVER caught by "A"

    Reason 12.) Aria was the last person with the Red Coat, and "Red Coat" didn't make another appearance until 3 episodes later

    Reason 13.) Aria, likes to read dark books, about death. And she is also the only person in the show who drinks alcoholic beverages with a straw. There's a scene where we see "A" drinking an alcoholic beverage with a straw

    Reason 14.) In 2x20, Aria texts Ezra, and the text is from an Unknown Caller, indicating that Aria was relentless and used one of her "A" phones.

    Reason 15.) In one of the episodes, Hanna tells Aria that Caleb is hiding out in her basement, and later a man shows up saying there was an infestation in Hanna's basement...hmmmm, Aria was the only other person who knew.

    Reason 16.) Usually everytime the girls come to a conclusion that they should tell the cops about "A", Aria is the one who says "No".

    Reason 17.) And we were told that "A" was to be unmasked in 2x25, it could have been referencing to Mona, but Aria, was unmasked too, by Ezra.

    That's all I got, tell me what you think, is AriA "A"??

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    • Chastity Davis

      All great points another thing is that all of girls has been in jail for murder except Aria

    • Michelle Stone

      A very good theory . But if aria is big A . How come she didn't know about Ezra's Book or the fling he had with Alison . Why would she torture all of her friends . Her mom got stung by bees and she insisted that her mom goes away with Zack to keep her safe . Another thing why would she exploit her own relationship with Ezra to her parents knowing they would keep her from seeing him . There also has been a attack on her life , when she was locked in the grate on the train . She broke it off with Ezra when Malcom was picked up from school by Spencer who was part of the A-team . A watches them and know all of their secrets . If aria was A she would of know about Ezra even Before the other Liars told her they think he is A . In the season 4 Finale Ezra got shot . Aria loved Ezra she wouldn't let one of her "A" minions hurt him. She also was least interested in confiding her secrets to Alison . Aria has been with Ezra 90% of the time when "A" hits . Aria received a text from A While she was with Ezra stating A knows about her and her teacher , and Ezra saw the text . Why would she risk her relationship with Ezra . All the liars were at Wildens funeral when the Black Widow showed up ,. There is a possibility that Aria could be A but look at the reasons that she could not be A . I don't think it is one of the liars . It won't be that simple .