• vizionheiry


    vizionheiry posted on The Voice

    Sitting here disgusted that Pharrell chose Lowell. He keeps looking for a Justin Timberlake 2.0 even when more talented people are passed by.

  • Lala Antoine

    Lala Antoine

    Lala Antoine posted on The Walking Dead

    Carol is like the "on the low" leader she even tells Rick what to do lol..

  • Tricia


    Tricia posted on The Voice

    Wtf!! Really Pharrell?? And why didnt anyone steal Jacob??? Disappointed with all the judges!! 😧

  • ElleBelardo


    ElleBelardo posted on The Voice

    Why does everyone think they can touch Adele on every singing show? Her voice is very big and unique. I would be very nervous!

    • vizionheiry

      same way they think they can touch Whitney Houston. It shiws bravery but it's always a gamble and oh girl's voice is too young for the control Adele has.

    • ElleBelardo

      Agreed! I remember on American Idol Simon said there are certain singers voices that are very hard to fill their shoes.

  • kristiV


    kristiV posted on The Walking Dead

    What an episode!! It was so exciting!! Now its Morgan's turn to help Rick find his way back from crazy town. Nicholas didn't deserve saving. I guess i was intrigued by Rick, & Sasha losing their minds i didnt notice Carol is a little crazy too!! Lol love it!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on Once Upon a Time

    ``There's something about this author. He wasn't the ONLY one. There have been many others throughout time. It's a JOB, not a person.'' -- August

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    • Kat

      Oh My! I really need to catch up to this season.

    • C Spottswood

      Vanity thy name is author to write such dribble to excuse the mess the show has made of many a character and tale. The question should be how did August know of the page's significance and for those who say Dragon the question persists as to where he learned of the book the page, the Author and the Sorcerer. There is much work left to be done to make this tale logical.

  • Dacaria


    Dacaria posted on Once Upon a Time

    "It's up to the two of you to keep it in the light." How can Snow & David keep their child in the light when they used dark magic to ensure her future?

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    • C Spottswood

      BTW listen to Apprentice's words and see how his spell does no harm to the child


    • RinasRose

      c Spottswood, I disagree. Each child had the potential for darkness. There was no guarantee Lily was going to be evil just b/c her mother was Maleficent. David and Snow are to blame b/c they made the choice to steal the child and tried to justify the action. Just b/c they weren't given all the information doesn't excuse them from choosing to take another's child for their own selfish, and cowardly purposes.

  • Dacaria


    Dacaria posted on Once Upon a Time

    Now we know how Cruella & Ursulla ended up in our world.

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    • C Spottswood

      Creative rewrite but what happened to Emma is Pinocchio came through and then she followed and he took Emma to a cafe on the side of the road. I watched what I missed and they all three went through the same portal same time to same location and yet the two did not tell Maleficent what happened to her child. I would think when Maleficent figures this out, Pound Puppy and Calamari will get their due.

    • RinasRose

      C Spottwood, the closet was designed to carry the travelers to the same spot, however, an open portal can take those in it anywhere as evidenced by when Emma, Neal, and another, I can't recall, right now, also fell in. So, it stands to reason that Cruella and Ursulla never knew what happened.

  • Eden Noelle

    Eden Noelle

    Eden Noelle posted on Better Call Saul

    #BetterCallSaul people really should know to NOT mess with Mike!