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  • sookietex


  • Sherri Pine

    Sherri Pine

    Sherri Pine posted on Bates Motel

    "The Deal" 4/6/15

  • Rose Wilde

    Rose Wilde

    Rose Wilde posted in The Elephant Lounge!

    Wow! Thanks for the invite! I feel so special! 😄

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  • jemsnaps


    jemsnaps posted on General Hospital

    Is it too much to ask that Valerie's dad be Justice? #generalhospital

  • jemsnaps


    jemsnaps posted on General Hospital

    Is it too much to ask that Valerie's dad be Justice? It'd throw off the time line but you tptb tend to rewrite history anyway.

  • Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel MARTELL posted in The Elephant Lounge!

    I would like to share something with all of you now that we have room. You all know how I talked about rescue animals and how much I love them, well 10 yrs ago I rescued a Beagle tiny little thing we named Daisy, she slept with my youngest daughter and they have been best friends since my daughter was 12. Well, on Nov 13 2014 my daughter had massive seizure in our bathroom, I was taking a nap as I had been up early doing chores,our dog Daisy came and woke me up, I followed her to bathroom as I knew something was wrong, she's never acted like this. To make a long story short I found my daughter unconscious on bathroom floor, if it wasn't for the dog waking me my daughter would have died as she was in bad shape. I just wanted to share this so everyone one would see how much I was given back by an animal I rescued.

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    • Mimi's Baby Stella!

      Wendy Nickerson Gough what a beautiful story. My Pedro is half Yorkie half Chihauhau but looks all Chihauhau. He and Budah are my little buddies. But My Pedro is very smart it's amazing. I can only imagine your training the ones you have. I look at my furry babies and how they love me and all humans unconditionally and it breaks my heart anyone could hurt them. I'm the type that get way more upset when I watch a movie when an animal gets hurt or killed than any human. They are so innocent like children. Adults are mean at least some of us are.

    • MrElephant

      thanks for sharing your stories so openly.. amazing..

  • Doresa


    Doresa posted on Hot Bench

    Oolawd! What a lousy woman. It was a gift. Gonna tell the judge to hold on! Piece of work. Hussy

  • John Burwell

    John Burwell

    John Burwell BEAMSTAR posted on Revenge

    Now it's Aftermath Season 4 Episode 21 on Hulu Plus..Emily's friends worry that she has gone too far as she sifts through the wreckage of her life. Victoria's drastic choice has permanent consequences for Emily.

  • carol_bot_123


    carol_bot_123 posted on Dig

    Watching episode "Trust No One"

  • Sioux Tomka

    Sioux Tomka

    Sioux Tomka posted on Bitten

    Both the pack and the coven need to work together. ...

  • 777


    777 posted in The Elephant Lounge!

    Am I a loser? Did I get an invite???

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    • 777

      Dang just when it's getting good, I gotta go teach a class! Don't finish this convo without me!!!!!

    • MrElephant

      777 ok,we'll be here

  • Wendy Nickerson Gough

    Wendy Nickerson Gough

    Wendy Nickerson Gough posted in The Elephant Lounge!

    I'm here ... I'm here... So glad to be here with all you guys... Is it just elephants or can we talk about Kim Richards... O m g

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  • Anita McGurk

    Anita McGurk

    Anita McGurk posted on The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

    Yay so happy to see Maura West win even though I don't watch GH! I loved her on ATWT!

  • MrElephant


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    • Donna

      MrElephant Tamara Tattles does have a lot of rules. I enjoy some of her snark, but don't think I would ever post there.

    • MrElephant

      Donna they have a lot of wrong information sometimes too.. I wonder about what I'm reading there..

  • Doresa


    Doresa posted on Hot Bench

    Wow. Grabbed that little man from behind and he's at least twice his size. History of cervical fusion. You're gonna go to the doc when you can't take the pain anymore. Not necessarily the same or even the next day. When you have a chronic condition your pain response is different

  • Donna


    Donna posted in The Elephant Lounge!

    Since we've got this cool new space to meet up, I would like to go around the room and find out where everyone is and a little about you, if you don't think that's too personal. I just think it's interesting that so many people from so many different places can meet up and talk about stuff, and I'd like to get to know everyone a little better. Share what you want to. I'm in Arizona. Married 27 years, no human kids. Two doggie kids, a bunny, and ponds full of koi and goldfish. Vegetarian, not vegan. 53.....and happy to have the chance to talk to you awesome folks!

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    • 777

      Agree MrE. So cool to get to know everyone.

    • Rose Wilde

      Hi all. Thank you Donna for the invite. I'm in my 30's. A mother to 2 girls. Currently separated from hubby. Haven't accomplished anything awesome in life as I dedicated my early years to being a mom and overcoming some personal issues. But my girls are awesome, so that counts right? Now my girls are older, I've resolved those issues, and I'm pursuing some volunteer work and trying to find my niche in the world. I'd like to get a college education and spend the rest of my life giving back in some meaningful way. Sounds corny, but I've always been an idealist and an optimist and a romantic. I don't watch a lot of tv but got hooked on RHOBH because I was fascinated by these women who live in my bend of the hills (I'm a Cali girl) and human nature and dissecting bad behavior.. Lol!! Anyway, here I am.

  • Holly Golightly

    Holly Golightly

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  • MD76


    MD76 posted in Y&R - Former TV Taggers

    Good Avery. Leave with Joe tonight and never come back!!

  • MD76


    MD76 posted in Y&R - Former TV Taggers

    I hope Avery stays away with Joe long enough for Sharearound and Dylan to sleep together. I want her to walk in on them and finally dump his boring tail for man of steel!!!!

  • cheryl_pickard


    cheryl_pickard posted in Y&R - Former TV Taggers

    I have a feeling that Joe asked to be moved earlier!!

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