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  • Sukiyakihawt


    Sukiyakihawt posted on The Walking Dead

    Not this again. "STAY IN THE HOUSE CARL!!!!"

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    • Idil Abdulmagid


    • kristiV

      Why doesn't Maggie take up for them? I was surprised she said nothing. That priest is nuts,& has made his own bad choices. Nothing the group did was that bad. They were protecting their own. What the priest did made me angry.

  • Jyna Jean-François Jeter

    Jyna Jean-François Jeter

    Jyna Jean-François Jeter posted on Hart of Dixie

    👀📺Grand Finale #HartofDixie #CorazónEsTuyo I hate the unknown suspends... Of a possible no more Friday Night #BlueBell Hart of Dixie😔💔

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on 12 Monkeys

    ``Chechnya, Troy, you. I have too MUCH baggage to carry over into the primaries.'' -- Aaron

  • stormwalker4


    stormwalker4 posted on 12 Monkeys

    I need more Cassandra Railly! But enough Cassie this episode

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on 12 Monkeys

    ``He won't be a problem. I killed him in '87. You have a working virus now.'' -- Ramse

  • MyrieLuvsCoffee


    MyrieLuvsCoffee posted on iZombie

    well, the windows matched the car in the end.... no undermining the little guy... Braiiiiinnnsssss!!!!

  • Felicity Farabee

    Felicity Farabee

    Felicity Farabee posted on The Walking Dead

    Am I the only one who thinks they would do better in a zombie apocalypse than in real life here? I think my life would be better

    • kristiV

      I definitely think mine would be better in some ways. I'd never want to choose to kill someone,but I could do it for my family. I think I could survive. Tho I'm sure it helps to have a Daryl by your side!!

  • Rose Bolton

    Rose Bolton

    Rose Bolton posted on Bring It!

    Christianna rocked that

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on 12 Monkeys

    ``The interference must be maintained. The cycle MUST happen as it has.'' -- Olivia

  • Danilo_G


    Danilo_G posted on iZombie

    Seriously though, I already love liv to pieces! She's so funny. Loved that scene where she was getting distracted by the mistress. I understand where Major is coming from, but I really want him and liv back together.

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    • Groosalugg

      Hey Danilo_G :) starting to watch in a few minutes! And I fully agree with the both of you that she's been totally awesome so far! Myah I've heard of Eye Candy, sounds quite interesting, really have to check it out. There's once again far too much to watch at once :)

    • Danilo_G

      Groosalugg somebody is staying up late tonight lol. I'm gonna do a few eps of Gilmore girls. I know, so much to watch, but once again no time at all.

  • Nicole


    Nicole posted on Bring It!

    So would Selena have preferred Diana let Sunjai perform, she mess up & look bad? :/ #bringIT

  • Sioux Tomka

    Sioux Tomka

    Sioux Tomka posted on 12 Monkeys

    Cole is in over his head.....

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  • Lyndsey


    Lyndsey posted on Love It or List It, Too

    "Liza & Shawn" I don't understand why the homeowners are blaming Jillian for the bootleg electrical work and it's not Jillian's fault your insurance won't cover the storm damage to your roof. Smh

  • db1448


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    • db1448

      goodnight ladies.. thanks for today.. look forward to tomorrow.. DB

    • Donna

      nite nite

  • HugeSportsFanNamedDan


    HugeSportsFanNamedDan posted on 12 Monkeys

    ``Jennifer is EXACTLY where she NEEDS to be.'' -- Goines

  • Dawn Hawkins

    Dawn Hawkins

    Dawn Hawkins posted on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    I don't know if it is okay to post something no Housewives related, but you all have been so fun to talk with and figured I could change the subject a little bit to lighten up the mood for a little while. I just got a new review on my book and thought you would enjoy sharing my joy at such a good take on my book. If I shouldn't post it here, I suppose it will get taken down. :-) If you click on the cover here, it will take you to my actual page. This is the profile of the person who wrote the review because for some reason when she posted, it went in the middle of the rest of the reviews. :-)

  • stormwalker4


    stormwalker4 posted on Grimm

    The book is what will bring Juliette in the story with Renard. She can open it.

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    • Shondra Williams

      Where are people getting Nick rejected Juliette? He felt guilty as hell about what happened to her and went to try and find a way to try to make things right and revere the side effects of the spell. I imagine Juliette being afraid to tell him about what was going on out of fear that he would kill her didn't make him feel any better; but he didn't leave or reject her. Yeah he didn't kiss her but she wogeled and Hexenbeast aren't easy on the eyes, especially since she has no lips and looks like a mummified corpse. She should've just went home so they could've both had the long hard conversation they need to have. She hasn't even told Monroe and Rosalee about what she's going through yet.

    • stormwalker4

      I'm with you Shondra Williams

  • 💋That BrOoKlyN GaL 💋

    💋That BrOoKlyN GaL 💋

    💋That BrOoKlyN GaL 💋 posted on Bring It!

    Ms.Neva did that s**t for a big girl.

  • stormwalker4


    stormwalker4 posted on 12 Monkeys

    Where are you at HugeSportsFanNamedDan?

    • HugeSportsFanNamedDan

      stormwalker4 I'm here, I'm here. I've been watching. Just got going late tonight as I took a nap this afternoon. Was REALLY tired. Hence, got started late with booting up my stupid laptop...had to do a hard shutdown as it was locking up way too much for me to be patient with. I think it's cooperating now.

  • Adrienne Jones

    Adrienne Jones

    Adrienne Jones posted on Hart of Dixie

    "Oh my God, did you just pee on her shoe?" Wade is so crazy!

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