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  • MJ's fun, chatty hang-out

    Chat about shows & life! Stop by, say hi & make some fun friends! Get some helpful hints, too :)

  • Y&R - Former TV Taggers

    A chat room for former tvtag users.

  • TvTag/Getglue General Hospital Chat Room

    Every Single General Hospital fan is welcome here! This is a meeting spot for all former users of Tvtag…

  • Michelle's Y&R chat room

    The show the young and the restless

  • Destination Entertainment!

    Your "Destination" on what's trending hot in today's "Entertainment" news!


    News and updates on matchs in WWE Network's exclusive show WWE NXT.

  • The Bold and the Beautiful Room

    Did you know the theme song was sang by Dionne Warwick during end credits?

  • tvtag

    A community for former tvtag users who are new to Beamly. A place to find your old friends.

  • Downton Abbey Addicts

    Let's chat about and during Downton Abbey!

  • Empire Hang Out Room

    New scripted Hip Hop drama about the money hungry, greedy, glamourous, dangerous, and often cut- throat…

  • Easter Kitty's Viewing Room

    For our pets that watch TV with us.

  • WWE Official Room

    The Authority Triple H & Stephanie McMahon have taken over. Who will be the superstar to take a stand…

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Room

    Why is Kyle Richards marriage under attack?

  • The Young and the Restless Room

    Who is your favorite Y&R character of all-time and why?

  • Walking Dead Fan Club

    💀💀Join this room to discuss favorite characters, react to the newest episodes, and even conspire about…

  • Agents of SHIELD

    Agent Coulson fans! Marvel fans! What did you think of the last episode? Who do you think we should see…

  • The Official NBC Room

    NBC TONIGHT: 8/7c - The Slap 9/8c - The Blacklist 10/9c - Allegiance

  • WWE Superstars

    News about WWE Networks exclusive TV Show WWE Superstars

  • The Big bang theory

    For fans of the Big Bang theory only

  • Official Street Art Throwdown Chat Room

    Furiously scaling walls, climbing fences and navigating underground tunnels, these ten artists must have…