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Will old habits die hard or will these Bad Girls be ready to change for the better?


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  • Candice Dibble

    Candice Dibble

    Candice Dibble posted on Bad Girls Club

    My favorite bad girl is Camila and my least favorite is Natalie!! I can't stand her because she's fake af and when she was on battle of all stars and ray j asked what she would do with the money she had the nerve to lie about something so dumb. Like if u the realest and baddest bitch, say what you mean and not act like a p.a.b. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • Isaiah



    I hope jada get beat up by Camilla Bad Girls Club

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    • justice

      Camilla scary , she told Jada to hit her at the reunion & when Jada ran up she was going to kick her๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Candice Dibble

      Camilla is not scared of nobody! She wanted to whoop Jada ass cause she fought Danni without any warning so camilla was gonna show her who not to mess with. Jada is p.a.b!!

  • Tselote


    Tselote posted on Bad Girls Club

    Before you say anything, remember what Judi said " Rocky is a hypocrite. You claim anti- bully but then you bully"

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  • Sydroxxx


    Sydroxxx posted on Bad Girls Club

    wait somebody fill me in on what just happened with judi nd dani lol i was getting snacks

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  • Dat Gyrl Doe

    Dat Gyrl Doe

    Dat Gyrl Doe posted on Bad Girls Club

    Tbh jada is the cutest one

  • Zuly Ramos

    Zuly Ramos

    Zuly Ramos

    Yessssss jadaaaaaa

  • sherri hancock

    sherri hancock

    sherri hancock posted on Bad Girls Club

    My fav is Rocky!!! I wish ya'll took older women on this show coz even though my age be over 50 I guarantee that I could last to the end and these girls would ALOT from knowing me and I would have more great friends! We are all a work in progress but they could learn more from me just being real than what Laura (who I love) in a day! Don't get it twisted I can hold my own through my own trial and mistakes but I do not jump or change sides coz I will never choose a side or one person above the other....I will speak my mind and I believe that my wrongs can only help young women not make the same mistakes I have! I want to that you for getting me here and I would like to follow you! I wish I could be on the show with you!! Please keep in touch with me and if you write me back I promise we WILL become great friends or earth sisters! again thanks and I look forward to seeing where this will go! take care of you and yours and may God bless you all! I am not a bible thumper i am a Christian and sin just like everyone else! I'm just a person that i believe can make us be "TRUE" friends! thank you again! plz don't forget me!!! XOXOXOXO Sherri Hancock

  • Danger85 (Former TVTAG user)

    Danger85 (Former TVTAG user)

  • Pretty_Grl_Adri


    Pretty_Grl_Adri posted on Bad Girls Club

    Rema tour her voodoo doll up she don't got no voodoo for nobody๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Dashia Mims

    Dashia Mims

    Dashia Mims posted on Bad Girls Club

    only females that i liked was jada and rocky, cant forget rema tho .
    natalie was just too much of a bitch and she demands to much , wants people to be her puppet , cause she think she run "LA"
    Danni - petty asf , worried about what somebody said about her before the show even started ! . smh

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  • Amy Greenfield Ruby

    Amy Greenfield Ruby

    Amy Greenfield Ruby posted on Bad Girls Club

    when is season 14?

  • Janeรฉ Simmons

    Janeรฉ Simmons

    Janeรฉ Simmons posted on Bad Girls Club

    Why can't I just watch every episodes I missed for season 10 instead of buying the videos for free from my credit card I'm 13 and my mother won't even buy the free videos for season 10 I'm really upset with oxygen

  • ThatOneChick


    ThatOneChick posted on Bad Girls Club

    Aye I Just Seen Rima in Empire She Still Lame Tho. A Video Girl in a Pretend Video. LoL.

  • BerryBirnyRobot


    BerryBirnyRobot posted on Empire

    Is that what's-her-name from Bad Girls Club? #Empire #EmpireFox

  • Butterfly Crudup

    Butterfly Crudup

    Butterfly Crudup posted on Bad Girls Club

    i dont think its right for someone to lie, steal or try to jump people you are bad girls redemption meaning you are trying to redeem yourself of your past Camilla i really love u n u stayed true to yourself more important u said you was coming on the show n not fight n u didnt im happy for u n i look up to u

  • Renee Asbury Schmidthuber

    Renee Asbury Schmidthuber

    Renee Asbury Schmidthuber posted on Bad Girls Club

    I wish if people were going to open their mouths and comment that they actually could speak correct English and make sense.

  • Carla Jonez

    Carla Jonez

    Carla Jonez posted on Bad Girls Club

    Will there be another BGC?

  • khayree___


    khayree___ posted

    Sarah you did fight Bad Girls Club

    • Pretty_Grl_Adri

      She was scary talkin about Twitter beef but dani did treat her though she said jada name in a dictionary under white trash her face going to pop up I was busing up

  • Lu. Chineke

    Lu. Chineke

    Lu. Chineke posted on Bad Girls Club

    So do they just leave their doors unlocked in the bad girls club?

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  • Nicki


    Nicki posted on Bad Girls Club

    That bitch is crazy

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