22 Non-Bieber Guys Selena Gomez Should Probably Date

22 Non-Bieber Guys Selena Gomez Should Probably Date

By Jen Abidor July 22, 2014

Beamly Editor

We’re celebrating the Best of 2014 with a look back at our favorite TV moments of the year. Join us for this walk down memory lane, will ya?

We love you like a love song, Selena Gomez. Really, we do. You’re beautiful, stylish and funny — you just have one massive Bieber-shaped flaw. It’s time to cut that poison from your life once and for all. HE IS THE WORST. You’re 22 now, and it’s time for you to find a guy who truly deserves you. WHO SAYS YOU’RE NOT PERFECT, SELENA? WHO?

Luckily, we came up with a list of bachelors we think would be a major improvement on the Biebs. When you’re ready, come and get them. Na na na na…

1. Zac Efron


OK, honestly, Zefron could date any person on the planet. But Selena should at least TRY and get on that. And yes, she would be the lucky one in that situation.

2. Dave Franco


We’re about to be franc-o: Dave is the hotter of the Franco bros. And if we were Sel, we’d go all 21 HUMP Street on him.

3. Harry Styles


Granted, ain’t nobody wanna play sloppy seconds to Taylor Swift — but that would mean ruling out, like, all of Hollywood so we think Selena should go for it. Plus it would reaaaaaaally piss off Justin Bieber, right?

4. Ian Harding


He plays the hottest teacher on television, and just look at dat smile. If you don’t go for it, Selena, we’ll take one of for the team. Pretty little please?

5. Tyler Blackburn


Oh and if fresh-faced Ezra Fitz doesn’t do it for Ms. Gomez, might we suggest PLL bad boy Tyler Blackburn? Sel already has an in with Ashley Benson (THANKS SPRING BREAKERS!). Get on that. Or… under that?

6. Dylan O’Brien


UGH, we want Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien is the perfect boy next door to settle down with Selena. Plus, he already loves her. Come on, Selena. Put the OH in O’Brien, why dontcha?!

7. Logan Lerman


The perks of dating Logan Lerman? HE IS SO DAMN ADORABLE. Now’s the time to dip your toes in the nice guy pond, Selenita.

8. Austin Mahone


Can’t date Bieber? Date Bieber 2.0. You know Austin is saying “MMM Yeah” just thinking about it.

9. Gregg Sulkin


Ugh, they were an on-screen pair back on Wizards, and Gregg’s only gotten hotter with age. Case in point? He’s on MTV’s Faking It and something tells us little miss Selena would never have to fake anything.

10. Michael B. Jordan


Let’s be real. WE want to date Michael B. Jordan. But dating Michael would serious bring up Selena’s stock. He’s talent, well-respected and hooooot. Basically, he’s the anti-Bieber.

11. James Maslow


James has surely grown out of his Big Time Rush days, as we all witnessed on Dancing With The Stars. Why not have a big time fling, Selena?

12. Liam Hemsworth

Try and forget about Miley for just a sec. Liam is HOT and he probably should have dated someone like Selena in the first place. If you can get beyond the whole sloppy seconds thing, you just have to admit they’d look good together.

13. Josh Hutcherson



14. Theo James


Don’t wanna sound dauntless or anything, but if Selena doesn’t want this Divergent hottie, we’ll take him.

15. Graham Phillips


This Good Wife cutie is under the radar, which could be just what Selena needs right now. Plus, he dated Ariana Grande one time, sooooo love triangle?

16. Steven R. McQueen


While we think Selena and Ian Somerhalder would be pretty hot together, we remembered that Ian’s just a smidge too old for her… so we went back to the Vampire Diaries drawing board. Steve (aka Jeremy) has aged SO well! We’re about this.

17. Beau Mirchoff


Fun fact: Did you know that Awkward‘s Beau Mirchoff starred in The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex opposite Selena?! That practically assures that things would be, well, not at all AWKWARD between them.

18. Jesse Williams


OMG OMG OMG GREY’S ANATOMY’S JESSE WILLIAMS IS THE HOTTEST MAN ON TV. He’s like married and wonderful and everything… but even girls like Selena Gomez can dream.

19. Josh Bowman


Just think about how cute (and half British!) these babies would be. Plus he’d make the perfect Revenge against Bieber…

20. Toby Regbo


This newcomer is TV royalty… literally. He’s on Reign. AND JUST LOOK AT THOSE BABY BLUES.

21. Miles Teller


He’s star is on the RISE and he’s just the right kind of funny guy meets guy next door Selena needs.



Honestly, whoever Selena finally dates next, she can rest assured that they WILL be better than Bieber…


Because it’s impossible not to be. He’s the worst.

* * *

Who should Selena date next? Let us know in the comments below!

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